Atherton Wing

Atherton Wing was a client of Inara's. He invited Inara to go with him as his guest to a ball. There he bumped into Mal. Mal didn't like the way he was treating Inara and so punched him, which then landed Mal into a sword fight, the next day. Atherton made an offer to her, for her to stay with him as his personal companion instead of flying with the crew of Serenity. Whoever won the sword fight would have Inara in some respects. The sword fight wasn't looking good for Mal but Atherton did some rather devious things which put him out of grace with Inara and the rest of the companions.


Badger works on Persephone. He'd like to think he's a proper working business man, but the business that he does tends to be very shady. He's sent Mal and the crew to do certain salvage operations and brought clients to them who won't necessarily speak to Badger himself. Describes himself as a pillar of the community, but crew of Serenity tend to think otherwise.

Blue Hand Agents

Not known whether these people work for the government or are some independent body, but these blue handed agents are after River and Simon. In Ariel they almost caught up to them, they had them captured, but River, Simon and Jayne managed to get away.


Crow is one of Adelai Niska's henchman. Possibly a torturer. A very large muscular man with a lot of tattoos on his body. He was sent after the crew of Serenity after Mal didn't complete a job for Niska. Only Crow wasn't so lucky and he got sent through the engines of Serenity.

Commander Harken

Commander Harken, while doing the right thing by him, took Serenity and her crew aboard an Alliance ship and detained them. He was reluctant to believe anything they were saying and was almost going to take them in onto a planet for further questioning, until Mal saved him from a would-be Reaver.

Jubal Early

Jubal Early was a bounty hunter. He followed Serenity and quietly came aboard to retrieve his bounty, Simon & River Tam. Very clever, and a good fighter he managed to get rid of Mal and lock him up, tie up Kaylee and even knock Book out. He couldn't find River though, but managed to find Simon. River confused Jubal a bit. When River made it known that she was on Jubal's ship he made his way there, but first met up with Mal who threw him off into space.


A Russian sounding man, this man appears to be extremely rich and not by doing things on the complete up-and-up. He's commissioned Mal and his crew on one occasion to get some cargo for him. However, the cargo seemed to have been better off where it was going and so Mal didn't give the cargo to Niska. Months past and Niska took in Mal and Wash and had them both tortured for not doing what he wanted. ZoŽ managed to buy Wash back, but Mal was in Niska and his torturer's company for a bit longer. In that time ZoŽ manages to launch a rescue mission to bring back Mal. During the mission Niska's little space vessel sustains heavy damages, his torturer is killed but it is not known whether Niska survived or not.


Patience is the mayor of Whitefall. A small terra-formed planet. Her and Mal have crossed paths in the past, and she shot him. She's not known for being honest in a deal, and will usually not want to part with good money, but just want the goods anyway. Mal's previous experience taught him not to trust Patience, so when he was offering her some protein in exchange for money, he knew he wasn't going to get the money without some guns being shot. And that did happen, leaving Patience alone, her men down and without protein.


This man was the patron of the village which kidnapped both River and Simon, so Simon could be their village doctor. He killed the previous village patron, something River found out when she first saw him. A very religious village, River was to burn at the stake for being a suspected witch. Something the Patron was more than happy to do. He was stopped by Mal, ZoŽ and Serenity.

Rance Burgess

Rance was what could be seen as a mayoral figure on a town on the planet Sihnon. He had the power. There, there was a "whore house" - Heart of Gold, previously run by man, and not a nice one at that, but then run by one girl who worked there, called Nandie. One young woman in the house had got pregnant by one her of visitors, her name was Petaline and Rance Burgess was the father. Rance just wanted to take the child away and destroy Heart of Gold. There gunfight between Rance's men and Nandie's women with some help from the crew of Serenity. Meanwhile Rance had got his way into the house, by a back door opened by a double crossing girl, and went to get the baby. He almost got away with the child, only he ran when he was almost gutted by Inara. Mal tracked him down and brought him back to the house where Petaline introduced her child to Rance and then killed him.


Reavers are a group of men who live on the edge of the galaxy. A horrific group of people, savage beasts. They don't know what it's like to be human anymore. They eat human flesh and kill any people who cross their paths, if they're hungry. Reavers mutilate their body, to such huge extents that they don't appear human. If you are able to withstand a torture session by a reaver, then you'll most likely be scarred for life and then become a reaver. It's the only way to live through the psychological horror you've had to face.


Saffron was the innocent looking young woman who married Mal when he was just a little bit drunk. She was due to be taken off the ship at Serenity's next port of call, which was a week away, but she made her own exit. She wasn't as innocent as she claimed to be. She seduced Mal, and kissed him. Which knocked him unconscious, on account of her special lip stick. And then knocked Wash out and stole a shuttle and escaped. She left Serenity paralysed and heading for a trap, literally. Getting out of that situation Mal headed off to find Saffron and give her what was coming to her. Which he did, and then expected never to see her again. Only he did see her again, with his old army buddy Monty and she had a different name and was married to him. Mal told Monty about Saffron and her charade and he ditched her the minute he could. Saffron then, again, wormed her way into Serenity and told Mal of an item of considerable worth. Saffron had all the access codes and security info to get this item, but not the man power.

But she again double crossed Mal, but Mal in turn had his own plan, with Inara's help, and left Saffron to be dealt with by the authorities.


Stark, as his two other men, kidnapped both River and Simon on a planet. They took them to a village which was a small village, off from the main beaten track. Apparently they needed a doctor there and so just kidnapped Simon for that purpose.


Stitch was an old partner of Jayne's. Together they robbed Magistrate Higgins of Canton, only their plan didn't go too well. Their ship began to go down, couldn't take the weight of the men and their treasure load. So Jayne ditched Stitch, and let him fall to his death while he had the goods. Only he didn't and those too fell to Canton, on the mudders. Stitch was left to be jailed inside a box in Canton for many years. When Jayne returned on Serenity for a deal with the rest of the crew, Magistrate Higgins unleashed Stitch when he knew of Jayne's return. There was a confrontation between Stitch and Jayne. Stitch fired a shot of his shot gun, but a mudder jumped to protect Jayne. The mudder died, Jayne lived, and then went on to kill Stitch.


Viktor was a sort of henchman to Adelai Niska. He was the one who tortured both Mal and Wash when they were kidnapped by Niska. A rather large man with obvious strength. Though when Niska's strong hold was broken through by the crew of Serenity, Viktor was at Mal's mercy. Only Mal couldn't quite finish him off, and Viktor died in a rain of gunfire from Wash, Jayne & ZoŽ.

Lt. Womack

A law man, Lt. Womack was doing a somewhat off the books mission when trying to recover a body, or a man, called Tracey. Tracey had put himself into a death like state and got onboard Serenity, by sending his body to Mal and ZoŽ. Tracey was transporting organs, the ones Womack wanted to retrieve. However Book discovered that Womack's mission wasn't exactly on the up and up and gave him his marching orders.