Alan Wray Tudyk

Geburtstag: 16.03.1971
Geburtsort: El Paso, Texas
Geschlecht: männlich
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Alan Wray Tudyk was born on March 16 1971 in El Paso, Texas , and he grew up in plano. After high school, he attended Lon Morris Jr College from 1990-1991 where he studied drama . While he was there, he was an active member of Delta Psi Omega and in 1991 he was awarded the Academic Exellence award for Drama (No surprises there!) as well as "Most likely to succeed" . In 1993 he continued his studies at Juilliard until 1996, when he left before earning a degree.

With his amazing flair for comedic performance (he set up numerous comedy troupes including the "court Jesters Improv Troupe" and the "Rubber Chicken Standup Improv Troupe"), Alan is probably best known as either the energetic and fiery haired Watt in "A Knight' s Tale" or the wonderful Wash in the equally firey "Firefly" which is currently being made into a feature film (wooohooo) called "Serenity" . Although these are probably his most widely known works, he has also become known for leading stage roles in off-beat productions and scene-stealing supporting turns in other films. He first made his mark with work on stage in both regional and Off-Broadway productions before marking his Broadway debut with 1999's "Epic Proportions". Another earlier stage credit that proved his versatility and skills he had gained as a great improv actor was his work in "Bunny Bunny--Gilda Radner: A Sort of Romantic Comedy".


Alan's most prized possesion is an old 1965 Mustang (*sigh*) which he affectionately yet interestingly named "Old Sock" (which he later wrote off while playing tag with cars...:S) . He also named a lot of other things Old Sock- like his bike! It was a "neighbourhood thing" apparently ;)

His favourite film is "Smokey and the bandit"

When Alan was at lon morris college he did stand up comedy in the holiday inn bar in jacksonville, texas. He was paid $50 dollars for an hour of stand up. The bar was the only one in town and nobody told the people there shooting pool and dancing there was going to be a show and when he stepped onto the dance floor and the bar manager cut off the music the crowd got pretty hostile. One cowboy threw his boot at alan. but al pressed on and before the hour was over he had them rolling under the pool tables laughing.

Serenity (2005) (In-production) .... Wash
RX: Sin receta (2004) .... Pepe
I, Robot (2004) .... Sonny
Dodgeball: A True Underdog Story (2004) .... Steve the Pirate
Meet Market (2004) .... Danny
Ice Age (2002) (voice) .... Saber-Toothed Tiger/Dodo/Freaky Mammal
Hearts in Atlantis (2001) .... Monte Man
Knight's Tale, A (2001) .... Wat Falhurst, Sir William's Squire
Wonder Boys (2000) .... Traxler
28 Days (2000) .... Gerhardt
Patch Adams (1998) .... Everton
35 Miles from Normal (1997) .... Trevor

Into the West (in production)
Firefly (2002) - Wash
Frasier - Todd Petersen - The Great Crane Robbery (2000)
Strangers with Candy - Father - The Blank Stare (Part 2) (2000)
Strangers with Candy - Father - The Blank Stare (Part 1) (2000)